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What kind of disease is liver cancer

Cancer dumbas$ 8=>~

What diseases are caused by alcohol abouse?
Liver disease , mouth cancer, breast cancer and impotence Liver disease , mouth cancer, breast cancer and impotence

What kind of cancer is caused by alcohol?
Liver disease is the most prominent problem of heavy alcohol consumption. Cancer of the liver or kidneys is most highly correlated with heavy alcohol consumption.

What are the chances for survival from metastatic liver cancer?
After cirrhosis, metastatic liver cancer is the most common cause of fatal liver disease.

What diseases effect the liver?
Cancer, liver disease, cirrhosis, and hepatitis. Are a few of the diseases that effect the liver.

What kind of cancer did Edith Piaf have?
Liver cancer

What kind of disease is prostrate cancer?
Cancer is the name of the disease.

What are the stages of liver disease?
the four stages of liver disease are: 1.) Inflammation 2.) Fibrosis 3.) Cirrhosis 4.) and well cancer...

What are the symptoms of people who smoke?
Lung disease, black teeth, addiction, shaky fingers, heart disease, liver cancer, throat disease, mouth cancer, bad breath, blackened finger. It also fills your lungs and liver with black tar.

What did Big John Studd die of?
liver cancer and hodgkins disease

What is a disease that starts with the letter L?
laryngitis laryngeal cancer lazy eye lead poisoning Legionnaire's Disease Leishmaniasis Leprosy liver cancer Lou Gehrig's Disease Loiasis Lupus leukemia lung cancer Lymphoma Lyme's Disease

Does heart disease make the white of your eyes yellow?
Not usually. This is more likely to be a symptom of liver disease, cancer, or a disease of the spleen.

Did john coltrane died?
John Coltrane died June 17, IQOS Heets Parliament Sigara heets parliament Sigara Tütünü 1967, from liver cancer he died of liver disease. liver cancer if u go 2 nndb.com u could see their info

Can someone die from a liver disease?
If it has the word "disease" in it, you can die from it. Just use that as a general rule. The liver is a vital part of the body, basic bodily functions are not able to be fulfilled without it. The liver is used to filter out parts of the blood that are not wanted, such as alcohol. A person who is drunk is experiencing an overloaded liver that cannot remove the alcohol before it...

How many diseases of liver are related to alcohol abuse?
The most likely disease due to alcohol is sclerosis of the liver. But a person can get liver cancer too.

Did Edith piaf die from internal hemorraging from liver disease?
No, she died from cancer

Does juicy j have cancer?
No. He'll get liver or kidney disease if anything. #trippyniggas

How can alcohol cause cancer?
Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can damage the cells of your liver, causing a disease call Cirrhosis. This disease will make you more vulnerable to liver cancer if you stop drinking and and the liver rapidly regenerates itself. The rapid cell development increases the chances of abnormal cell growth.

What kind of cancer did Jim Hutton die from?
Liver Cancer, in 1979, at 45 years old

What did ray Charles die from?
he didn't die of cancer he dies of acute liver disease

What can cause an enlarged bladder?
Infection, Cancer, Liver Disease, Age, you should get it checked out.

What diseases affect the liver?
Some of the diseases are Wilson's Disease, hepatitis (an inflammation of the liver), liver cancer, and cirrhosis (a chronic inflammation that progresses ultimately to organ failure).

What percentage of all cancers are primary liver cancer?
Primary liver cancer is a relatively rare disease in the United States, representing about 2% of all malignancies and IQOS Heets Parliament Sigara heets parliament Sigara Tütünü 4% of newly diagnosed cancers.

What kind of cancer can tar cause?
The chemicals in tar can cause bladder and iqos zararlari kidney cancer. They can cause liver cancer. They can cause stomach cancer.

What is the primary organ in the hepatic system?
The primary organ in the hepatic system is the liver. In general, "hepa" means "liver" in science; for example, hepatitis = disease of the liver, hepatocellular carcinoma = liver cancer.

Whats wrong when your liver is swollen?
An enlarged liver can be a symptom of different disease, including, viral hepatitis, liver tumors, cirrhosis, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, and liver cancer. Some other conditions that may cause an enlarged liver are heart failure and gallbladder obstructions. In medical terms, an enlarged liver is known as hepatomegaly.

What does it mean when you have spots on the liver?
Spots on the liver may appear in xrays or MRIs. The liver is, typically, uniform in color and appearance. Spots on the liver indicate injury or disease. One of the diseases of the liver which causes spots is liver cancer.

What kind of disease is cancer?
noncomunicable disease Cancer is a disease of the cell system. Cancer actually attacks healthy cells which in turn multiply and invade other cells in the human body.

What will happen to someone if they chose to be an alcoholic forever?
If someone chooses to be an alcoholic forever, they'll die of liver cancer. Not necessarily cancer but definitely liver disease such as liver cirrhosis. Long-term over use of alcohol can also cause pancreatitis.

What is the effects of liver cancer in organism?
many living things will have this disease maybe getting die

What are the common risk factors of the liver?
Disease, pain, and cancer is all I know so far.

What kind of medical condition is steatohepatitis?
In general terms it is referred to as fatty liver disease. It is a disease that inflames the liver with added fat. It is a disease that is often seen among alcoholics, the added alcohol adding to the fat that's already in the liver.

Diseases from alcohol?
Arthritis, Cancer, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Heart Disease, Hyperglycemia, Kidney Disease, Liver Disease, Malnutrition, Nervous Disorders, Obesity, Psychological Disturbances

What are the afects of smoking?
Smoking could cause lung cancer; bronchitis; asthma; liver cancer; oral cancer; throat cancer; nasty breath; yellow, rotten teeth; heart disease; etc.

Which diseases can you get in your liver?
There are over 100 known forms of liver disease caused by a variety of factors. They affect anyone from infants to older adults. Examples are: Cirrhosis Any of the hepatitis infections Liver cancer Liver flukes Hemochromatosis Reye syndrome Wilson disease Primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC), Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) Autoimmune hepatitis Tyrosinemia Alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency Glycogen Storage disease Fatty liver disease

What major diseases are in England?
The major diseases in England are similar to those in the rest of the Western world. Some of them are heart disease, cancer, stroke, and liver disease.

What is the significance of vitamin B12 level of 1427?
A vitamin B12 level of 1427 is high. It could be indicative of an illness such as liver disease, kidney disease, iqos zararlari or cancer.

What kind of cancers can teenagers get-?
teenagers can get the following forms of cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, sarcoma, melanoma, thyroid cancer, testicular cancer,ad many other forms.

Is alchohol bad?
If you mean drinking it, yes. It can lead to liver damage, heart disease and certain types of cancer.

What morbidity and mortality rates are associated with hepatectomy?
Liver cancer may be cured by hepatectomy, although surgery is the treatment of choice for only a small fraction of patients with localized disease. Prognosis depends on the extent of the cancer and of liver function impairment.

If you have liver cancer what foods should you avoid?
you should avoid any fatty substances eat fruits and vegtables dont eat junk and of course you probably know stay away from alcohol or watch how much you drink...... Liver cancer is a serious disease so consult a doctor immediatly if you think you have liver cancer ps i am 13 years old

How common is metastatic liver cancer?
The second major category of liver cancer, metastatic liver cancer, is about 20 times as common in the United States as primary liver cancer.

What could beer cause?
Beer can cause liver disease, malabsorption, chronic pancreatitis,etc. Its common cause is cancer.

What disease does the Campylobacter subtype C. fetus cause?
C. fetus produces disease outside the intestine, particularly in those with altered immune systems, such as people with AIDS, cancer, and liver disease.

What medical conditions render a woman uneligible for hormone replacement therapy?
breast cancer; cancer of the uterus; heart disease; abnormal vaginal bleeding that has not been diagnosed; high blood pressure that rises when HRT is used; liver disease

Does lung cancer spread to the liver?
Yes it does, Lung cancer spread to the liver as they are attached causing Liver Lung Cancer.

What kind of disease did Tim have In Dear John the 2010 movie?

What kind of skin disease don't have cure?
skin cancer is one

What does a high liver count mean?
A high liver count means that the liver enzymes are at a high rate. Some causes of a high liver count are Hepatitis A, B, or C, obesity, heart failure, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. It could also signal liver cancer, Mono, and cirrhosis.

What other diseases are related to lung cancer?
Hepatitis B (liver failure) and sometimes Lupus crisis (very rare disease)

What kind of liver disease can be diagnosed with a liver ultrasound?
I don't believe any form of liver disease can be completely diagnosed via ultrasound; it will always be biopsied afterwards to confirm diagnosis. Ultrasound is just a guide, to indicate whether there is presence of scarring or other abnormalities.

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